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Management board:  Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.
Zsolt Krémer
Managing Director
Tel. +49(0)89-419 418-21
E-Mail: Zsolt Krémer  
Andreas Varesi
Senior Consultant
Tel. +49(0)89-419 418-23
E-Mail: Andreas Varesi  
Establishment:   Founded in 1978 as an institute for technologically oriented market research and business consultancy located in Munich, Germany    
Consultants in Germany:    14 highly qualified engineers, physicists, economists and business economists with technical and economical expertise and long-term industrial experience   
Consultants global:   Technomar has a close network of associated institutes in Western and Eastern Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia    
Network:   Technomar cooperates with many companies including:
Business in Resonanz
Energie & Management
Fraunhofer IML
Stiftung Warentest
Ais ConTec


Technomar has focused its service features consequently on technical orientated companies for industrial goods. We are one of the few companies that have the necessary technological know-how and suitable access to the following industries:  
Automotive/Car manufacturing  Systems engineering/ process technology  
Building Industry/Construction Materials Industry   Electrical Engineering / Communication Technology  
Power Engineering/Renewable Energies   Building Services Engineering /Air Conditioning Technology   
Logistics/Material Handling Engineering   Mechanical Engineering 
New Materials/Nanotechnology   Instruction/Training   
Telecommunikations   Environmental Engineering  

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