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Munich, May 28th 2014
European E-Mobility project Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface (SMARTV2G) completed with successful field test

Until 2020 a stock of more than 1 million electric vehicles (EV) is expected within the EU. On the one hand EV drivers expect unrestricted access to all international public charging stations, on the other hand unregulated charging of many EVs will cause breakdowns of the power grid. So, there is a strong need for a smart charging infrastructure all over the EU. The Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface project (SMARTV2G), funded by the European Commission within the FP7 Program, was designed to solve this complex task. Now, after three years of development the project was completed with a successful system integration and field test.

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Lectureship for the managing directors of Technomar

- In the beginning of the summer semester 2012, the managing directors of Technomar were offered a lectureship on trend and market research. Dipl. Ing. Andreas Varesi gives a lecture on trend research in Munich and Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing. Zsolt Krémer- on market research.

In trend research the students will get to know what trends are, what kind of trend types exist, how the companies use these trend types for their strategy, advertising and products, what is the process and the methodical approach in the trend forecasting and what measures can be derived.

The market research lectures impart knowledge on basic principles and research methods in the market research. This lecture deals with qualitative and quantitative research methodology like Paper- Pencil Personal Expert Interviews, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), Eye- Tracking, Broad- based surveys. Both lectures include theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

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EU project: Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface

In the context of a consortium, which is promoted by the European Commission, Technomar is taking part in the Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface project SMARTV2G. The 3rd International Fair for Electric- and Hybrid-Mobility eCarTec took place at the Trade Fair Center Munich from 18th to 20th October 2011.

The main target of the project is the intelligent connection of electric vehicles to the grid and data network. This requires the development of new generation technologies for seamless and user- friendly charging of electric vehicles in urban areas.

The project consortium consists of seven companies from four European countries, which provide familiar know-how from the Electric- Mobility sector. The consortium members are The University of Rome, the Slovenian supplier of software and hardware for smart-grid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles ETREL, the electrical distribution company Elektro Ljubljana, the Spanish integrator of ICT solutions CIT, the Spanish Electrical Technology Institute (ITE), the German Fraunhofer Institute for Communication Systems ESK and Technomar.

The project will run for the next 36 months. Technomar is responsible for the assessment of potential, the market research and the elaboration of the dissemination plan.

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Study on the future of car distribution

On behalf of TÜV SÜD, Technomar conducted a representative survey regarding the future of car distribution. The majority of the car dealers and automotive workshop owners anticipate that in the light of mobility change and increasing importance of Internet, the traditional trade structures are going to change or to be dissolved. According to the evaluation of the car dealers, in the future the Internet is going to be the main presentation area. These are the key messages of the representative survey among 300 car dealers. The results from the interviews were presented from the Managing Director Andreas Varesi on 15th of September 2011 at the IAA on the TÜV- SÜD trade fair stand A19 in Hall 8. 
Whitepaper Electric mobility- Options for Germany’s automotive industry

Only a paradigm shift can save the German automotive industry from losing importance on the international trade market. This is the result from the “Electric mobility white paper- options for Germany’s automotive industry”, which the market research company Technomar published. The Munich experts for electric mobility and alternative drive concepts developed two possible scenarios for the trends in the Germany’s automotive industry till 2030. The current approach of the policy and industry could lead to disprofit for the branch. Alternative strategy shows that the existing competences are profitable enough to respond to the competitors from the Far East and USA 
Solar heating roadmap

In the context of an extensive study, which was presented at the Intersolar 2012, Technomar developed strategies and measures for the solar heating industry. Heating requirements account for over 50% of total end energy needs in Germany. The study was conducted on behalf of Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e.V., with the financial support of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. According to the results, the solar heating could make a contribution to the energy system transformation and the reducing of CO2 emissions.

The “Solar heating roadmap” presents future of solar heating to the year 2030. The roadmap examines realistic possibilities of increasing system efficiency, utilizing available surface potential, developing new market segments, strengthening sales and optimizing the framework for support.

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