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Survey „Logistics 4.0“

In April 2015 Technomar undertook a representative, short survey and interviewed over 300 logistic experts regarding their estimation of the future of “Logistics 4.0”. Over 100 questionnaires had been returned and evaluated by Technomar.

Logistics 4.0 is (in dependence on Industry 4.0) a revolution of logistical processes that involves the internet. Until now, Logistics 4.0 was regarded as a vision for the future, which is still far-out from practical reality. The success stories of non-sequential automated solutions like Autostore and Kiva-Systems are showing that the breakthrough can be expected earlier than everybody thought.

This short survey should clarify, if, when and which consequences are expected by the logistic specialists.

For further information please contact Mr. Andreas Varesi on +49 (0)89 419 418 223. 
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