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Survey „Logistics 4.0“
In April 2015 Technomar developed a representative, short survey and interviewed over 300 logistic experts regarding their estimation of the future of “Logistics 4.0”. Over 100 questionnaires had been returned and evaluated.

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Study on E-Commerce & Intralogistics 2020
E-Commerce conquers all different fields of commerce and is already established in the German trading environment. The high dynamic of E-Commerce is making high demands on the field of logistics. This matters not only for courier and transportation services with focus on handling, distribution and return of shipments, but also for the internal logistics (Intralogistics).

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Study on the future of Energy Storage
A large number of studies concentrate on different technologies of energy storage,
but until now none of these studies included a deeper analysis of purpose, profitableness and amortization of these technologies.

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Study on "Generation Y" as consumers and employees
A lot of German companies are not yet prepared for the ideas, visions and aims of the 25 to 35 year old generation Y and are therefore not very attractive as employers and suppliers of products and services. And as many B2B and B2C companies regard exactly these groups as main target groups, this could result in consequences.

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Study on Security and Safety in a smart energy world
Potential risks of the intelligent power grids are often underestimated. The energy industry and the industry manufacturing trade often underestimate the potential risk of power grid’s modernization. There is barely any awareness for the vulnerability of the intelligent grids and safety precautions are not common yet.

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Study on Solar Heat industry until 2020
German Solar Association presented “Schedule Solar Heat”: With an average annual growth of 12.5 percent, the solar heat industry will be tripled to an additional installation of 3.6 millions square meters of collector surfaces until the year of 2020. Therewith the heat generation will rise to 14 billion kilowatt hours (therm.) per year.

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Study on the importance of energy efficiency for the purchase of new vehicles
The representative survey among 200 operators of large-scale truck fleets in international long-haul transport, conducted for TÜV SÜD, deals with energy efficiency as one of the key drivers for optimizing cost-effectiveness and business success on the European transport market.  
Study on the importance of energy efficiency for the purchase of new vehicles in municipalities
The survey focuses on the importance of energy efficiency in the purchase of new vehicles for municipal services including refuse collection, utilities and other services for cities and towns. 
Study on the future of car distribution
On behalf of TÜV SÜD Technomar conducted a representative survey among 304 car dealers regarding the future of car distribution – AUGUST 2011.  
White paper electric mobility
Options for Germany’s automotive industry concerning electronic mobility.  
The future of heat generation
Joint study on the future of heat generation competing with alternative generator technologies for housing construction in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland.  
Study on automotive workshops and electric mobility
On behalf of TÜV SÜD Technomar conducted a representative survey among 311 automotive workshops regarding hybrid and electric vehicles – APRIL 2010 
Market study on electric mobility
Joint study on the short and medium term development of the electric car market on the basis of nine different market models – Autumn 2009 
Effects of the amended CHP Act
Effects of the amended CHP Act on the market potentials regarding the peripheral combined heat and power cycle. Study on chances and potentials that result from the new CHP Act in this developed market – DECEMBER 2008 
Future markets/Implementation of innovative heat and cold storage with phase change materials (PCM) or latent-heat storage system for the improvement of the power efficiency in selected industries – APRIL 2008 
Expectations regarding materials handling suppliers from the end customer’s point of view
Generally this study pursues two objectives: 1. Following-up the results from the 2003 study and 2. Including new issues that have gained more importance – JUNE 2007 
Potentials of the decentralized cogeneration in the German power and heat market, which is influenced by emissions trading and the new legislation on power supply – OCTOBER 2006 
Air conditioning in new and existing residential buildings
The evaluation concentrates on all options for improving thermal protection or air conditioning – OCTOBER 2004 
Supplier organisation in material handling engineering
Study concerning expectations and requirements of end customers concerning system and component suppliers in material handling engineering – JUNE 2004 
Sales channels and merchandise flows for products concerning heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical engineering with special emphasis on the growing importance of trade-spanning services of craftsmanship and the trend towards system integration (EnEV) – DECEMBER 2003  
Implementation of the KWKModG and the effect on KWK
Besides technological trends the study also examines the development of energy prices, shows alternatives to the KWKModG and deals with questions concerning the EU directive proposals on KWK and the emission trade – 2003  
Domestic ventilation market today and in the future
The current and future domestic ventilation market in Germany with special emphasis on airtight construction (EnEV) and system integration possibilities – 2002 
Fuel cells in the energy market
Stage of development, potential use and effects on power generation, use of components, distribution channel as well as services – 2001 
Effects of the energy saving order EnEV
Effects of the EnEV on future use of heating systems and products, heating sources, building and insulating materials for residential construction – 2001 
Reducing building costs and CO2 by using heat contracting
Analysis on how heat contracting in the German housing industry can contribute to the reduction of energy related emissions of CO2 – 2000 
CD annual book Energy Contracting 2000
Research database of Energy Contracting providers – 2000  
Energy Contracting
The market for Energy Contracting potentials in industry, trade, municipalities and housing industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – 2000  
Development of the peripheral power supply in the liberalized energy market – Effects on power generation and the demand for modules and components – 1999  
Distribution channel for plumbing, heating and ventilation
Analysis of and outlook for the distribution channels and flow of goods for products concerning plumbing, heating and ventilation – 1998 
Distribution channels for plumbing, heating and ventilation
Analysis and forecast for distribution channels and commodity flow for plumbing, heating and ventilation products – 1998 
Distribution compass building materials
Changes in distribution regarding building materials from the trade’s and building company’s point of view – 1998 
Facility Management – Requirements and opportunities
The current and future market for facility management – Requirements and opportunities for suppliers, subcontractors and supplying industries – 1997  
Pressure Pipe, connecting element and pipe market
The market for pressure pipes, connecting elements and pipe insulation market in building services – 1997 
Market and effects of heat pumps
The current and future market for heat pumps and its effects on the boiler market as well as on the energy demand structure – 1996  
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